Java: An Indonesian Restaurant in Auckland, From Martabak to Rendang

Hi friends! How are you doing? I hope all of you are doing well. In Auckland, it is getting colder and almost raining every day. The winter will be coming soon. It brings calm, relaxed, and serene nuances. But it also feels gloomy. However, I don’t want to talk about winter in Auckland now (somehow, it sounds like the novel's title).

I want to talk about finding comfort food —which brings us a warm feeling, an embrace from our familiar taste. It can cheer us up, hopefully, in this cold weather. I want to talk about one of the Indonesian restaurants in Auckland, Java, that gave me a taste of home.

Java Restaurant
From Martabak to Rendang

Java: An Indonesian Restaurant on K Road

Last weekend, one of my flatmates was missing Martabak Manis, a traditional cake from Indonesia. We cannot make it ourselves yet. So, we (my two flatmates and I) decided to buy it in an Indonesian restaurant called Java. So far, we only know that is the only place we can buy the Martabak Manis. If you have other recommendations for me on where to buy Martabak Manis in Auckland, you are very welcome to tell me.

Java is located in an area famous for its diverse cultures and vibrant atmosphere, Karangahape Road or K Road. There, we will find many dishes from various countries, including Indonesian dishes. It was my first time going there, and after walking around 15-20 minutes from my apartment in the Whitaker area, we arrived at the restaurant.

Java Restaurant - Front
Java Restaurant - Front, 15 June 2024 (personal doc.)

The Java is a small restaurant with the Warteg vibe (if you have ever visited one in Indonesia). The place is clean with warm lighting. There are some tables and chairs; each table provides us with utensils, a water pitcher, glasses, and tissues. There are food displays of various Indonesian foods on the trays, just like in Warteg or Padangnese restaurants.

Java Restaurant - Inside
Java Restaurant - Inside, 15 June 2024 (personal doc.)

Java Restaurant - Food Displays
Java Restaurant - Food Displays, 15 June 2024 (personal doc.)

Further, even the owner is Indonesian and speaks Indonesian with us. That was the first time I ordered food in Auckland using Bahasa Indonesia. For a while, it feels like I am back home, ordering food for my family at Padang Restaurant.

The Food: Am I in Auckland?

At Java, we can choose each menu individually or in a ten-dollar meal pack. I ordered the latter with the additional menu. In a ten-dollar meal pack, I had a full plate of rice, a Padang omelette (a signature dish found in any Warteg or Padang restaurant), our choice of vegetable dishes (I chose vegetable stir-fry), and sambal potatoes. In addition, I ordered beef rendang. I paid NZ$ 17.5 for all the food (please, don’t convert it into rupiahs).

Java Restaurant - NZ$ 10 Meals
Java Restaurant - NZ$ 10 Meals, 15 June 2024 (personal doc.)

The flavour was great. It was pretty similar to the original Indonesian food. My favourite is the rice and beef rendang. The rice cooked well, and the beef was so tender. It was not too spicy for my taste, either. The difference is the portion. The rice is doubled compared to most Indonesian restaurants. However, it was no longer a surprising experience for me since every time I ordered food in Auckland, the portion would be huge.

Java has various main dishes, such as rames rice and yellow rice. It is all Indonesian signatures. Besides the main dishes, Java also sells Indonesian snacks, like martabak, risoles, bakso, corn fritters, and vegetable fritters. The cost is NZ$ 5-10 for each main dish and NZ$ 2-5 for snacks. You can also choose between NZ$ 10-30 for the package dishes. You can visit Java or check its website at this link for further information.

Important notes for Muslims, Java is a halal restaurant. Their ingredients and ways of cooking are stated as halal. Indeed, it is not difficult to find a halal restaurant in Auckland. Some restaurants have the halal symbol in their fascia sign, or you can ask other Muslim friends here. The alternatives that you can check are trustworthy blogs or websites. However, Indonesian halal restaurants are still a bonus for Indonesians who miss home.


Overall, Java can give authentic Indonesian food flavours that fit my taste. The cost is not too high; it is reasonable, considering the food is not local. The owner needs to buy many spices and provide halal meats, which usually have higher costs in Auckland. It was a lovely lunch with some moments of strolling around the city. As for my friend, finally, she finally completed her craving for Martabak Manis. What a wonderful weekend!

So, do you have any recommendations for restaurants, cafes, or food stalls that I should visit in Auckland? Please leave comments or contact me through Instagram at @rianitapuspitasari. Thank you for reading, and see you in the following articles.

Auckland, New Zealand
Monday, 17 June 2024, 15.15

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